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  • 07/31/15--09:23: Introducing MarZ Rising
  • We are pretty excited to announce our current project that we are working on since the last few months. The game progressed really well so that we finally have some […]

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  • 08/07/15--03:19: MarZ Rising – Devlog#1
  • Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about the game mechanics and how a mission will start usually. The goal in MarZ Rising is to build and defend your base against […]

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  • 08/14/15--02:35: MarZ Rising – Devlog#2
  • In this post I want to give you some insights into our level workflow. The very first step, to get an idea what we want our setting to look like, was […]

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  • 08/21/15--05:50: MarZ Rising – Devlog#3
  • Our TechTree just got a complete overhaul, and we are now very happy with it. That’s why I thought I’m gonna talk about it in this latest post. The old […]

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  • 09/04/15--08:56: MarZ Rising – Devlog#4
  • Every game needs super-weapons right? In MarZ Rising you will be able to use 6 different super-weapons. Each will have different abilities. To unlock the super-weapons you will have to build a super-weapon-factory. […]

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  • 10/09/15--05:13: MarZ Rising – Devlog#5
  • The last few weeks we were really busy starting with the very first level, adding more features, changing stuff, bug fixing and last but not least balancing the game. Here […]

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  • 12/09/15--05:35: MarZ Rising – Devlog#6
  • Last few weeks we were so into game dev and totally forgot to write some blogposts. Sorry for that. The good news: We now have some cool new stuff to show! We […]

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  • 12/18/15--01:45: MarZ Rising – Devlog#7
  • Updates from MarZ: After the finalization of the environments for about 20 levels (see devlog#6), we now have the first playable level. For sure it isn’t balanced at all and content […]

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  • 02/23/16--09:00: MarZ Rising – Devlog#8
  • Man, this year already gets its year word: workaholic! It’s really hard to find some time for writing, but we have some new stuff we want to share with you. So this time […]

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  • 03/18/16--08:33: MarZ Rising – Devlog#9
  • As promised, we gonna start with our art posts today. Let me first introduce those awesome guys behind the characters: Rolf Bertz – creates our amazing character concepts. ( Christoph Schädl […]

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    We are looking for a freelancer as game writer & translator for MarZ Rising! The story is already concepted and now needs to be edited by a pro in german […]

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  • 03/16/17--08:47: MarZ Rising – Devlog#10
  • Life signs! It’s been a long time since our last post. But here come the latest news from MarZ. We’ve just released a brand new trailer, which shows the actual state of the game. On […]

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  • 04/06/17--11:10: MarZ Rising – Devlog#11
  • This post is dedicated to our towers. In MarZ Rising you will have the choice of 5 different towers, each with 3 upgrade levels. As for now 4 of them are ready. So […]

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  • 05/05/17--01:45: MarZ Rising – Devlog#12
  • MarZ Rising will have a 20 level single player campaign and we are currently working on our end level *yay*! Mission 20 will take some time, because it is a […]

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  • 08/10/17--02:06: MarZ Rising – Devlog#13
  • Busy times at doorfortyfour. Our BETA test is currently in progress and we are working on all fronts to fix all bugs and to push MarZ Rising. We are actually […]

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  • 08/15/17--23:58: MarZ Rising – Devlog#14
  • ANNOUNCEMENT DAY: Dear Community, today we are proud to announce that our debut game MarZ Rising hits Steam Early Access soon. To spread the news we have a brandnew teaser to […]

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  • 09/19/17--02:20: MarZ Rising – Devlog#15
  • We are super excited to announce our release date! MarZ Rising will be available on Steam Early Access on September 26! Turn on your speakers to 11 and watch our brand-new […]

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